• Electromagnetic Vibrator

    VEM ( Vibsis Electro Magnetic ) vibrators are used for feeding and screening of dry powder and granulated materials for all kind of industrial applications. The capacity of these vibrators goes up to 7.000 kg/hours  and is depending on our models and tray dimensions.


    All the components of our product except for the casting body, epoxy fiber spring and coil are made of stainless steel with a CNC machine in our workshop. As the coil is the most important part of the electromagnetic vibrator, we now coat the coil to protect it from moisture and dust completely.The welding of the trough components (for tray)  is another important development of our vibrators. Because of controlled atmosphere brazing, these parts do not deform over the trough and this welding system is our patent.

    With many years of our company experience, we are supporting the customers with technical drawings for the production of their feeder and screen.  



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